Head: Captain GridIron
Torso: MegaMarines Gung Ho
Arms: Nullifier
Crotch: Nullifier
Upper Thighs: Comic Pack Zartan
Lower Thighs: Tracker
Helmet: SpaceShot
Backpack: Star Brigade Duke w/ modded (football) missile

This is another custom I did for our Chat Contest. We chose Eco-Warriors and were given a list of characters we could use. I thought CGI hasn't had a figure since his original and could use a good redo and given a job. I tried to find parts that looked footballish so I chose Nullifier parts for the shoulder pads and the crotch for the hip pads and tie front. Zartan thigh pads and Tracker lower legs for the shoes. The Mega Marines torsos with the numbers on it made it stand out more. SpaceShot helmet for the single crossbar look of it. I originally was going to use a Salvo mine gun and make it look like a football "gun" with spinning wheels, but decided to go with the rocket launcher look. :)

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