Body: Dataframe
Heads: 25th Duke

Backpack: Funskool Mainframe with post from Viper Backpack from Fang/Claw pack.

Bought him yesterday and actually managed to go a whole day before I finally got rid of that horrendous angry Starscream looking head.

I decided to learn from my mistake of painstakingly dremeling out Tripwire's helmet only to find it wouldn't fit on the head I wanted to use.

Took two Duke heads. Dremeled out Dataframe's helmet, destroying his face. Trimmed the top, sides and back of one of the Duke heads. Superglued the helmet on. Touched everything up with a black sharpie and some dullcote. I'll just do a simple headswap like the Baclava Beachhead when I want him helmetless.

This was partly insprired by the Cartoon, and partly from his File Card. I don't even remember if Mainframe was ever shown without his helmet. I'm assuming he has dark hair since his eyebrows are black.

I chose the Duke head because it reminds me of the one thing everyone forgets about Mainframe. He's not just a tech support guy. He was Airborne, served in the Army during Vietnam. Then he went to MIT. THEN he enlisted in the Marines. I could have made him with a more laidback, sloppy look to him, but I figured having served in two different branches, the guy probably looks pretty STRAC. His file card states he was 10 years older than the next oldest trainee at Parris Island and he still finishd top of his class. He's got brains- but he's hard.

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