Body: Tripwire
Head: Toys R Us Dagobah X-Wing Luke x 2

Helmet: Tripwire (partially hollowed out)

If my spelling comes out horrible and my sentences make no sense, I apologize. I'm about five to ten minutes from falling asleep.

Let's do this.

I tried this a few months ago. I completely dremeled out the head, sanded it, made it all nice, then tried to stick it on Luke's head and the chin strap snapped.

Gave up. Waited a few months. Just last night after making Mainframe I got the idea to use two heads again instead of just one head with a removable helmet. The Dremeling took about 2 hours while also watching House and eating dinner. I then trimmed down the top, side and back of the 2nd Luke head (Leaving his Mullet intact) and shoved it into the helmet.

I am very happy with this. This was what I was going for originally. The helmeted head looks slightly smaller now and the face recessed inside looks more realistic. If I ever get Slipstream, I may try something similar. So he doesn't have the fake painted on mustache, I may use a Biggs Darklighter head or something.

I chose this Luke Skywalker head because I felt it looked enough un-Luke like to pass for another character. I like the 80's hair, and his face has the hapless, dufusy expression that fits for Tripwire's clumsy ass. The eyes and some of the forehead are still under the goggles there, and I'd like to do another version with the goggles pushed up, or maybe replace these with clear ones at some point. But I'm broke. I spent my Joe Budget for the month.

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