VvsV Gung Ho head
Spytroops Duke chest and arms
VvsV Flint legs
Spytroops Burnout shield
Spytroops knife
Battlecorps Gun
Saw Viper BP

Back Alley is the former head of the Cobra elite urban forces specialists the Alley Vipers. Back Alley had joined Cobra in hopes of making it out of his rough neighborhood when he saw that there was no legitimate way for him to simply work hard and make a decent living. Cobra offered that and as an Alley Viper he excelled. Back Alley simply saw this as a chance to build a new life, and rose to lead the Alley Vipers. He became conflicted after first hand seeing that Cobra was no savior. He soon left aided by former Viper turned Joe Mercer, and also joined the Joe team.

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