TRU VvsV Black uniform Recondo
Blackout glasses
Black Spytroops backpack (I think from Flint)
M-203 rifle
Slice v2 sword

Former Steel Brigade member Arsenal and his team were about to become full Joes when the team was shut down in the late 90's. Seeing the need to carry on his team went AWOL and continued it's underground battle against Cobra. While effective, the team would eventually be betrayed by one of it's own the now Cobra assasin Shiv, with disasterous results. Several of the unit perished, Arsenal and others were captured by the authorites. Arsenal would later broker a deal with Generals Colton and Hawk to allow the surviving team members scentences to be commuted to dishonorable discharges while he took the brunt of the punishment. As an alternate scentencing Hawk allows Arsenal to be under house arrest at the Joe HQ where he maintains weapons. He is allowed to take on some monitered assignments in the field.

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