Head: Downtown
Torso: Hawk v2
Arms: Hawk v2
Waist: Wild Weasel
Legs: Wild Weasel
Accessories: AK47 from Marauder Guns

The mercenary fighter pilot known as Wild Weasel gained his reputation as one of the world's best pilots in the bush wars of South America and Africa. His knowledge of aircraft ranges from civilian craft to state-of-the-art flying weapons platforms. A sibilance in his speech pattern is assumed to be a result of a mouth injury recieved during a strafing run.

Wild Weasel eventually began working for Cobra, primarily as pilot of their new Rattler ground attack jet.

(courtesy of JMM's GI Joe Comics Home Page)


This custom is inspired by the same custom made by Zombieguide.

Notice the wash technique on the weathered flight jacket, and the use of a water decal on the arm.

I drew the map and instructions on the knee pads a few days later. Originally they were blank.

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