Head-Roadblock v1 (lint fuzz for flocked hair)
Torso-A-team figure (3 3/4)
Arms-Cobra Stinger Driver v1
Waist-Breaker v1
Legs-Toll Booth

Gun-25th Crimson Guard
Holster-duct tape and elastic

Part of my ARAH homage to the 1970's 12inch GI JOE ADVENURE TEAM, I recreated the Adventurer (I know that many people refer to this figure by his race but I find that offensive, he is The Adventurer).
I tried to capture the look of the original figure using 3 3/34 inch parts. I even created mock flocked hair using lint fuzz and crazy glue. As seen in the last photo, Adventurer controls the capture claw on the Adventure Teams' Vamp.

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