Head: Legacy Stormtrooper Han
Body: Clutch
Hands: Stalker
Legs: Rock N' Roll
Leg Holster: Breaker

Backpack: General Hawk
M-16: Comicpack Duke
Belt: Rock N' Roll

I'm pretty sure Clutch was my first G.I. Joe. My brother got me the VAMP for Christmas one year- I think I was little miffed at first because I wanted more Empire Strikes Back toys like the year before. Clutch has always been one of my top 10 favorite characters, but I've never liked any of his figures very much.

Right after I submitted my first Clutch on here, I was messing around with some other heads and noticed how my VOTC Han Solo (which just does not work for me as an ESB Han and has been sitting in a parts bin since 2004) actually looked more like how I wanted Clutch to look than the BoShek head I used. He looked a little more suave and cocky than my first attempt.

I carefully painted the hair and eyebrows darker, gave him some five o'clock shadow, and then accidentally dremeled through the top of his head.

I did not want to go pay 15 bucks for that stupid, spindly Han just to get another head.

Then I found out they were re-releasing a single pack stormtrooper Han with the same head. The skin tone wasn't as yellow looking, the hair was darker, and I could actually use the stormtrooper body, it was perfect.

Finally found one that wasn't cross eyed, dremeled the head out, painted on the stubble, filled his head halfway up with hot glue and stuck it on. Now I have a decent looking Clutch that looks like an amalgam of his comicbook appearances, and doesn't look like Big Brawler.

Only problem I have is; the normal helmets are too small and don't fit, and the larger Breaker helmet looks... Well, pretty stupid. Just look at the picture...

I'll have to get another Han, chop off the top and back of his head and just glue a helmet on him like I did with Tripwire and Mainframe. But that'll be next paycheck. I'm saving my money in case I find any more Cobra Divers or Para-Vipers.

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