Duke head, carved and modified
CG Torso
Snake Eyes Legs
Surgical coat: Golden Compass
Destro Arms
sculpted mask, with thread tie downs
styrene and piping surgical goggles.
Blood and other stains - use your imagination... lol

There are times when I think - of all the dangers we face - the threat posed by Dr. Bindy scares me the most. It scares the hell out of me.
EXCAL Military Commander Saul Tigh

When you get right down to it, Dr. Bindy is responsible for creating both EXCAL and MEDUSA. He knows the darkest secrets of each organization, and you can constantly feel his presence. It's as if he's playing both sides of the same chess match, and we are but his pawns. But it begs the question: if he made us, can he break us, just as easily?
EXCAL Science Director Clark "Doc" Savage, Jr.

Well, he didn't create me, that's for sure. If I ever find the freak, I'm stringing him up by his toenails. My fear is that the bastard would like that.
EXCAL Director Bruce Wayne

When he first worked here at EXCAL he made a pass at me. That was creepy, even before his disfigurement. I know he holds a grudge against us (me, Knighthawk and Panther), but how were we supposed to know he would be in that MEDUSA lab when we blew it up? His plans are so secretive. But I don't feel bad about it. In fact, if I see him in person, I plan on punching him in the balls...all 3 of them.
EXCAL Paladin Knight Steel Rain

I know how important he is...but trust me, you don't want him near me. You recall that it was Dr. Bindy who prescribed the "revolutionary" new treatment I received to "change" my appearance, right? If he needs transport from South America, I think he should look elsewhere. My fleet is...otherwise committed at the moment."
Secret Transmission from Admiral Thrawn to the MEDUSA High Council

There are "mad scientists" and then there are scientists who are mad. Right now, I think we have to assume Dr. Bindy is both. Back in the day, we truly believed he had the world's best interests in mind with his creations. He was our best surgeon, physicist, researcher and mentalist. But some of his work of late makes him look like the best butcher rather than surgeon. And his work for MEDUSA's Super Soldier program apparently has helped them progress from a mere enhancement serum to the actual cloning of new beings. After he was burned up while posing as a CG/Lab Director in the Venezuela incident, he clearly has it out for us. Not just on a personal level, but against all of us, EXCAL, maybe the whole world. We have to stop him.
EXCAL Paladin Knight Master Knighthawk

File Photos of Dr. Bindy, taken this week:

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