Head: Crystal Ball
Arms: Crystal Ball
Torso: Dr Mindbender
Waist: Crystal Ball
Right thigh: Dr Mindbender
Other legs: Crystal Ball

Fur trim: VvV Snow Serpent

Admittedly, this was a mistake. Upon acquisition of the sample used to create Mindraptor, there was an additional, unidentified sample included on Raptor's cowl. Though he knew better, Dr Mindbender's curiosity got the best of him, and he went ahead and used the sample. Now he faces more questions than he had answered - what are Raptor and Crystal Ball up to? How did that sample get on Raptor's cowl? What is up with that fur collar? Mindballer can provide no answers. He speaks almost entirely in riddles and takes advantage of his powers of persuasion, mainly in getting the others to buy him breakfast or pay-per-view, or administer his daily footrubs.

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