Head: Dr Mindbender/toothpicks
Torso/arms/waist/legs: Bog Boa

Hose/gloves: Big Boa
Medal: Luke Skywalker

Big Boa has long been the bane of any young Cobra recruit's existence. Referred to as 'The Most Angry Man on Cobra Island', he is a freight train of pure adrenaline and is solely responsible for washing out all of the unfit trainees. Everything he does, he does it loud and he does it hard core. He was thought to be the perfect foil to Sgt Mindslaughter. As sometimes happens, however, these things do not always go according to plan. Big Boner's presence in the labs amounts to little more than screaming at the top of his lungs, breaking things, and intermittently throwing other Mindbender clones to the floor, demanding they "give me 1000", usually with him leaning one of his massive legs on the small of their back. He does keep Mindslaughter in check though, for the most part. Their throw downs have resulted in many, many cases of smashed lab equipment and several injuries to passersby.

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