Entire Figure: Cobra Vehicle Gunner
Goggles: Viper
Gun: Cobra Diver

Webgear: crazyglued onto figure to look more "form fitting"

Cobra needed an off road vehicle that was faster than the Cobra Stinger and could carry more personell than the Cobra Ferret.

While drawing up plans, M.A.R.S. designers realized a perfect vehicle was already in existence in the Joe's A.W.E. Striker. One was "appropriated" and promptly reverse engineered. It seems however that Destro's men have made some special modifications of their own.

The mass produced version was painted in Cobra Blue, and dubbed the Badger, as it would mostly be working in tandem with the Cobra Ferret.

Cobra also needed Drivers who could make the Badger do things the joes either wouldn't expect, or would not be crazy enough to attempt themselves.

The best candidates were flagged from the H.I.S.S., Adder, Stinger and Ferret driver ranks. Then their psyche profiles were scrutinized, and only the most brash, thrill-seeking, egomaniacal, daredevils were picked. In this case anyone with a history of road rage went straight to the top of the list.

The name Badger has also come to be the vehicles new primary purpose on the battlefield.

Scrap Iron: "Most of these drivers can swideswipe a R.A.M., or run a V.A.M.P. right off the road, pour insane amounts of firepower into it and then an instant later they're gone and playing chicken with a M.O.B.A.T. somewhere on the otherside of the battle. Destro should have started ripping off the Joe's engineers along time ago."

Flint: "These guys make the Dreadnoks look like little old ladies doing 10 miles under the speed limit on Sunday. Most of Cobra's own slower armor, and even the slightly less manuverable Stingers, will immediately get out of the way when these psychos come tearing into the middle of a battle. Their hit and run tactics have been confounding us more and more. Our own A.W.E. Strikers are even having trouble keeping up. Steeler, Clutch, and Cross Country haven't been saying much to the rest of us, these last few weeks. They seem to be spending an awful lot of time on the testing circuit, and driving course lately."

The Badger Drivers are unholy terrors behind the wheel, and pretty damn cocky in the comforts of the All Weather Environment Badger. But a well placed RPG to the engine, or a Spike Strip hidden up the road, usually takes them out of the fight for good. They are just not really all that tough once their wheels are taken away from them.

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