Head, arms: Build n' Brawl Chris Jericho
Torso: Major Barrage
Waist, legs: Spy Troops (Night Force) Grunt
M46 machine gun: Bbi
Grenade: Marauder, Inc.

Grizzly comes from the Sir-Tech game Jagged Alliance 2--a late 90s turn-based strategy game that remains alive to this day thanks to a dedicated playing/modding community that's gone so far as to practically re-engineer it! It's still one of the best games on the market, though probably not the sort of "fun" if you're a twitch-fest console player. :-P

Grizzly is a heavy weapons merc, meaning he works best with things like LAW rockets and mortars. He comes cheap and while not the fastest or necessarily most accurate merc in the game, he is one of the strongest, and can help make short work of heavy battles thanks to his ability to carry the "big guns" with him. In creating Grizzly I took a bit of creative license from the images provided in-game, notably the more expressive head, and somewhat toned down pants (his colors are normally an orange-red sleeveless t-shirt and white pants; I went with cinnamon apple and antique white). The Chris Jericho head was painted up, hollowed out and filled with Green Stuff to fit onto the Major Barrage torso. I think it gives him a nice bit of personality; and the Chris Jericho arms were ideal (after a touch of modding) for portraying just how incredibly strong Grizzly comes across as. After debating what weapons to give him I finally opted for the M46 machine gun, as it's similar to what I have him carrying in the game as I'm playing it now.

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