All: 25th Snow Job
Rifle: Unknown JvsC or Spytroops

Hood: Modded; Ends are crazy-glued together under his chin.

Snow Job's Secondary Military Specialty is Rifle Instructor. I thought he could use a better Rifle than the Cartoon one he originally came with.

His Hood kept annoying me. It wouldn't sit right. Wouldn't stay where I put it. Finally fixed that. It's still removable, just a little bit more complicated to take off. You now have to pop off his head with the hood on, and use something to fish it out of there. I'm hoping to find a decent Obi-Wan head I can use for him at some point.

I really wish they would hurry up and make Frost Bite and Iceberg, or at least get some more parts out there that I can use to make them, without using the same Snow Job body over and over again.

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