All: 25th Bazooka
Webgear: 25th Arctic Snake-Eyes
Goggles: Para-Viper

I thought Bazooka's helmet looked really stupid the way it barely sat on his head. I thought of dremeling it out a little more, but realized it was far too thin to do so.

No, for the result I wanted I would have to be a little more ruthless. I cut down the top, back and sides of his head with my X-acto knife until I got the helmet to sit on his head in a manner that looked like the original RAH version. Then just glued it on. Some point later on when I get really ocd, I'll buy another Bazooka just so I can have a helmetless head to swap out.

The other thing that really irked me was the lack of any straps or web gear for his backpack. He looked awesome, but I just wasn't buying the magically attached backpack thing.

I tried several other ideas before I stumbled across another customizer's work on another site- I loved his simple solution and copied it. That's where I got the goggles idea too. Thanks, man!

I can't see Bazooka wearing them all of the time; but since his secondary military specialty was Tank Driver (and he was driving the Armadillo in the original commercial) I really like the look of them on him.

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