I was not happy with the small-ish forearms and hands Hasbro gave him so I used the upper forearms from a 25th Python Patrol Copperhead and gloves from a 25th Iron Grenadier. I touched up some paints including making his hood a full connect piece to the body suit. His eyes have been altered to give him a more menacing look. I gave his croc skin parts a wash in Pollyscale Oily Black as well as outlined his mucles with that same wash to bring them out. I dremeled off his sculpted knife and added the knife & sheath from the 25th Python Patrol Copperhead. I also gave his croc a wash in Pollyscale Oily Black. It looks so much more realistic now.

Croc Master is Cobra's reptile trainer and animal security supervisor. He's a former alligator wrestler who founded Guard Gators Inc. in an effort to commercialize the use of alligators for home security. A casual visitor to Cobra Island might find his access to certain areas blocked by a maze-like system of shallow canals. These interconnecting waterways are abundantly stocked with ravenously hungry man-eating crocodiles which have been deliberately bred and conditioned to be hostile, psychotic and fast.

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