Removable Armor: Kneadatite Green Stuff
Legs: Five pack Dusty
All else: Beach Head
Sword: Cobra Commander

(Excerpt from the personal journal of Shakinah Marou)
Our instructors tell us that when the gateways opened before the BFW, it wasn't just the Mechs we had to worry about in that first wave. There were all kinds of beasties that showed up. And just because some of those beasties are gone doesn't mean we aren't still cleaning up after them. Take my last assignment. We got work of a group of crazies calling themselves "The Disciples" were raiding convoys in the area of New Harrisburg, so we get sent in to take care of em. These freaks are a piece of work, lemme tell ya. They are human but they worship one of the demon breed that were expunged from first Earth more than 100 years ago. They call them the Yuan-Ti or some such nonsense. I looked them up when I got back, all we know is that they were some sort of snake man from the mystic sphere. So these "Disciples" cover themselves in alligator and snake hide armor and go about raiding, raping, and defiling all the while proclaiming that "The Gods will return and only the faithful will be spared." I know more of the same off the way religious fanaticism, but these guys are paramilitary. They use arcane weapons, but as Brute can tell you, they now how to use them. Did I tell you they eat their own dead? Yeah we saw that from the group we had pinned down during the last fight. They strip their armor, and save that of course, then they skin their comrades and feast. DURING THE BATTLE. We had some support from the locals up to that point, but after that we were on out own. Give me real monsters any day. These home grown varieties are shaking me a little.

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