Whole Body Mercer
Chap Mei Holster
Marauder Bayonet and Sheath
Marauder Smoke/Gas Grenade
Maruader Shotgun Shells
Maruader Pistol

Mercer Tiger Force Infantry / Mercenary
Primary Specialty: Light Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Cav Scout

Mercer was the only Cobra Viper that ever defected to the Joes and survived. After his debriefing and vetting, Mercer served in an unknown capacity with SGT Slaughter, later he transitioned directly over to the general ranks of the Joes and was subsequently selected to be a member of Tiger Force.

From Flint's Files: "Mercer is a great asset to the team; he can perform duties as driver of various vehicles such as the Tiger Hiss, Tiger Shark or Tiger Moray, based on his prior training by Cobra. He can also man all the weapons systems of the Moray, the Hiss, the Tiger Shark, after all, he is intimately familiar with most Cobra weapons systems. His infantry and scouting skills are top notch allowing him to ferret out enemy positions and then combat assault their sorry behinds. A great addition to the team........er......that is .....when he is available."

"I can't talk about any other small teams or sub-units I may or may not currently be a part of......any I may have been affiliated with in the past...." - Mercer

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