head: Juno Eclipse
Helmet: custom made green stuff
Torso and right forearm: MU Ironman
Arms and Legs: Armored Cobra Commander
Jacket: Xmen Origins Gambit
Pistol: General Grievous
Dragon: Transformers Brimstone

Custodians Evaluation
Concerning Sakinah Marou:
Young Miss Marou completed her final field trials today. While I cannot award her superior marks in combat her intuitive thinking more than compensates for what she lack in the ability to fight a force head on. This may prove both a great asset and fatal flaw. When confronted with a superior foe she tends to over-think the situation when a lighting strike against the force may be the best solution. I recommend that she be paired with a walker who does not flinch from combat, but who is willing to take orders. She has fine leadership potential, if she lives long enough to develop it. Upon completion of her droid simulacra, which she calls Whipsnap, I shall award her full Gatewalker status as well as issue her a gauntlet. I expect her to begin full duty in less than one weeks time.

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