Head - Arctic Snake Eyes
Chest - Iron Grenadier
Arms - Duke
Hands - Arctic Snake Eyes
Legs (Upper) - I forget (they were Green!)
Legs (Lower) Iron Grenadier

An updated "Sigma" version of the 2007 Canadian Joe Meet 3 3/4" exclusive figure.

Even though I created him, I have never liked the 3 3/4" version of Shiver I made. He's stuck in the back behind all the other figures in my collection. I hate him that much. He doesn't look mean enough to be a Cobra, and to be honest - he was supposed to be Snowbank, but I caved in and made him a Cobra due to demand that the 2007 figure be a Cobra again.

This one is done in a Sigma Six style, and looks mean. I mean, he looks like he would slit your throat just for looking at him funny. I like this one.... I like it alot.

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