Head: 25th Snake Eyes Commando
Torso: 25th Flash
Lower Legs: Resolute 5 Pack Duke
Symbol: Small Cobra chest logo from CobraStickers

Cobra De Aco (Steel Cobra) was a Brazilian figure in the mid eighties (1986 I believe), produced by Estrela under license of Hasbro. The original used Flash's body, and a chromed Snake Eyes ver1 head. It was a very cool figure, and is tough to come by now. I got tired of waiting for Hasbro to make one in the new sculpt, so here it is. I'm quite pleased with it, as it is my first 25th sculpt custom. I do have the laser pack for the figure, but the paint was still a little soft when the pics were taken. I will soon have access to a vac plate machine and hope to put a proper chrome dome on him. Hope you dig it! I have included a picture of my original as reference...

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