94 Flint head

88 Sgt. Slaughter arms

90 Backblast

Warwolf gun

Corps Rifle

Random black stand

Iv'e been wanting to do a Cable fig since the Nightmares GP, primarily after looking at PsychoGunz submission, Deathwish. Only reccently did I get the parts for him.

The X-badge stand was the finishing touch. Like with my Punisher fig, I will have a bio for you.....but it may not be as easy to follow. X-books are cool, but the plots are a little....complicated.


Real Name: Nathan Christopher Summers

AkA: Nathan Dayspring, Askani's son

Born the son of Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) and Madelynn Prior, a clone of Jean Grey created by Mr Sinister, he was kidnapped and infected with a techno-organic virus by the immortal mutant called Apocalypse. Not expected to survive at such a young age, he is taken by the time traveler Askani 2000 years into the future for treatment, there he was cured, and trained both to control his telepathic powers and to battle Apocalypse, who at that time had conquered the planet. After Apocalypse had been deposed, Nathan, now calling himself Cable fought against the Caannite soldiers, and their sadistic leader known as Stryfe (later revealed to be a clone created when he was an infant, who was captured when Apocalypse's forces raided the treatment facility), responsible for the death of Cables wife, and the brainwashing of his adopted son. Utalizing an advanced android named Zero, Stryfe teleported to the present day, Cable followed in the space station Graymalkin. Assembling the Mercenary Squad, the Six Pack, and later X-force, he prepared for battle against both Stryfe, and Apocalypse.

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