Head - Scaplel
Torso, crotch, legs, shoulder pad & belt - Overkill
Arms - Ripper
Helmet - Resolute Duke

I know this is a pretty well used recipe, but it's perfect for what i needed! In the process of repainting a Moray hydrofoil to look more stealthy & decided i needed a suitable pilot.
So far the only other crew i have is 1 lamprey, really need a couple more so if anyone has any let me know!
Anyways, back to this guy...... took him apart & primed the whole figure, then used enamels.
Up until now ive only used acrylics but decided to give enamels a go!
As long as you prime the figure they work really well (they dont dry on soft plastics so if you dont they stay tacky for an eternity!) & go on really smoothly. Sprayed the whole figure (minus head) gunship grey 2, then painted armour black & dry brushed it silver/black. used a black wash over all the grey, then dry brushed with a light grey.
Thinking about repainting his hair, maybe even sculpting a bit of facial hair!

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