Head: 25th Anniversary Deep Six
Torso and Arms: 25th Snake Eyes
Legs: 25th Cobra Commander
Diving Suit: 25th Deep Six

I started off wanting to make an articulated Deep Six similar to the one Mundo did, but I ended up being inspired by Mysterious Stranger's Deep Six that could get out of his suit and go on land missions.
I used small metal pins to hold the pieces of the suit together. The black sleeves on his upper arms are pieces of plastic tubing that holds bundles of wires together. The pieces on his legs are from the cover of a three-ring binder. His beanie looks a bit off, but I wanted it to be removable and the only thing I had was the Spytroops Shipwreck head. It was too small so I cut in in half and extended it with green stuff. The suit doesn't look perfect, but this is the best I could come up with to satisfy all my needs for the suit. Not only did I still want articulation with the suit on, but it also needed to be somewhat easy to take off and put on.

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