Head: Baroness V2 with Star Wars Padme braid from Revenge of the Sith
Chest: Baroness V2
Arms: Baroness V2
Middle Piece: Scarlett V1
Upper Legs: Scarlett V1
Lower Legs: Scarlett V1
Accessories: BBI sniper rifle, sling made from flexible craft plastic strap, Baroness V4 utility belt, Star Wars Djas Puhr holster, and a Beachhead V5b pistol.

This is the second custom that I have done of the Baroness. The first one was just a prototype, it was a step to where I wanted to go with this figure, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. With this custom I wanted to put her back in Cobra blue, and in a one piece suit, in hopes of pulling out the alluring body that I envisioned her to have. I wanted to remove the armor from the chest plate and legs. I wanted the baroness to appear to be more sophisticated, a deadly woman that used her natural talents to get what she wanted, but that was extremely deadly should those talents fail.

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