Head: Dr Mindbender
Torso: Dr mindbender
Arms: Dr Mindbender
Waist: Dusty
Legs: Big Boa
Hair: Harry Potter Lego
Boots: Chap Mei
Fanny pack: Chap Mei

Dr. Mindbender, realizing that A: Cobra Commander might catch on to his Mindcrime and B: needing raw Venom material under the radar decided to plant a mole (not a venom one) in a place where he could get free contraband DNA, The Bronx Zoo. Dr. Mindbender decided that a new clone would fill that role nicely but he needed two things, a different look and enhanced leg strength for all the walking he would have to do (That place is HUGE).

To this nefarious end he created Incognitobender with a full head of hair to be less recognizable and ripped calves because they looked good too. The (clone) then planted himself in an employee role at the Bronx Zoo as an animal wrangler. There he gets access to all the DNA that he needs but for some reason unknown to Dr. Mindbender he is afraid of needles and thus has to get the DNA "manually".

(Special thanks to Kilcarr for the bio)

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