Head: VvV Cobra Commander (I think...)

Torso and crotch: Pit-Viper V. 2

Arms and legs: DTC Cobra Soldier

Helmet: C.L.A.W.S. Commander

The Infra-Vipers are a new breed of soldiers developed to handle sophisticated heavy equipment used in the battlefield. Cobra scientists have managed to tap in on a body's own infra-waves, and by boosting those scientifically with neo-genetic surgeries, they have converted them to act as signals for remote-operated machinery. This enables the subject they've altered to control a machine with his very thought as a natural remote-control. Those surgeries allow the Viper to partly remote-control and partly muscle-steer the new S.N.A.K.E. Armours that have been developed by Cobra's Chief Science Officer Dr. Knox. The new S.N.A.K.E II machines serve as a weapons-equipped power-armor which Infra-Vipers use to spread terror on the battleground as they stomp forward, firing at everything in their path.

To produce an even more tactical advantage, other infra-capabilities have also been added to the Viper whom has undergone the procedure. Their goggles allow them to see Cobra's adversaries in infra-red, which enables them to see the body-heat of their enemy. Their own suits on the other hand cover their own body-heat for an extra effect. They can also emit infra-sound to make the enemy feel sick, thus make it difficult for those to hold the perimeter. Infra-sound is too low for a normal human to hear, but the effect cause illness and loss of equilibrium. The Infra-vipers themselves are immune to the infra-sound, but sometimes normal Vipers happen to fall victim to it if they stand too close. Infra-Vipers can also, if needed, from a distance take momentary control over other S.N.A.K.E. II Armours whose operator has been rendered to some form of a casualty and is no longer able to handle his own power-armor.

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