Head: Doc V1
Chest: Buzzer V1 (Funskool) Arms: BuzzerV1 (Funskool)
Hands: Bbi
Middle Piece: Buzzer V1(Funskool)
Upper Legs: Mutt V3
Lower Legs: Buzzer V1(Funskool)
Accessories: Stalker V2 brown machine gun, Buzzer V1 chainsaw, 21st Century Toys Thompson Submachine Gun, Big Ben machine gun, BBI shotgun, Headman V1 ponytail.

The largest goal that I had in mind for redesigning the Dreadnoks to fit into my JoeVerse was to make them less conspicuos if they were seen in a local biker bar. To do this I had to remove weaponry like the grenades, the leg and crotch protector from the Buzzer V1 figure. However, I still wanted them to have weapons, so I had to make any weapons they had them removable. I also really wanted to give Buzzer a realistic looking chainsaw.

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