BBI head, modified
RB torso, Marauder Vest, Flint webgear (modified)
Storm Shadow upper legs, Beachhead lower legs
IJ whip
Snowjob Goggles

Once nicknamed by his mates as Bulldog, based on his barrell chest and skinny legs, that was later changed to Bulldozer, after watching him clear a path through a jungle full of restless natives to help his team escape unharmed. Upon joining EXCAL (originally as a Paladin Knight in Training), he was dubbed simply Dozer, a name that has stuck.

While Dozer ultimately decided the Knight program was not for him, he remained devoted to EXCAL's cause, and continued on for some time as a member of the Sentinel's combat team. When Flint spent some time with that team as well, during his first few months with EXCAL, the two became fast friends. It was really no surprise then, that when asked to nominate a second in command for the new Adventure Team, that Flint did not hesitate to name Dozer as his right hand man.

While these men were really not destined to be Knights, both bring an exemplary resume to the AT command. Dozer is likeable and loyal, and a fierce combatant when under fire. He has extensive jungle survival training, which further enhanced his AT portfolio.

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