Head - 25th Destro Heavily Modified
Torso - 25th Flint
Leggs - 25th Destro Black Uniform
Amrs - BnB Chavo Guerro
Web Gear - 25th S.E.

File Name: Stratton, Felix P. SN. 933-41-5623
Primary Military Specialty: Small arms armorer
Birthplace: Spencer, West Virginia
Pay Grade: E-5 (equivalent)

The Renegades don't answer to anyone but themselves. They don't officailly exist. They can function with very little restraint, but if compromised they are on thier own.

Mercer was the only Cobra Viper that defected to the Joes and survived. He joined Cobra for the adventure and material gain but soon grew disaffected by the Cobra philosophy. He escaped Cobra Island by hot wiring a hydrofoil and out running his pursuers across the Gulf of Mexico. Mercer is proficiant in all Cobra small arms and explosive devicese.

Mercer found his true home with the Renegades, he gets three meals a day and gets to shot at Cobras.

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