HEAD: Cast
TORSO: 25th Duke
ARMS: 25th Duke
WAIST: MLS Berserker Logan
LEGS: MLS Berserker Logan

Steve Austin is a Colonel in the US Air Force. He suffered terrible injuries in a aircrash,that should have been fatal.
With the interception of Goldman,they were able to save Col Austin by using technology not used before.

The technology was Bionics. He has several limbs totally replaced & also has a Bionic eye.

Strength,speed have been increased dramatically & with his Military training already,makes him a perfect operative.
Since clearing medical & training stages & adapting to his "improved" body. Steve has now been able to prove his worth & has even helped out GI JOE.
Rumour mill has it the new Accelerator suits are a basic tech of Steve`s very own bionics.

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