HEAD: Major Barrage
TORSO: 25th Grey Snake Eyes
ARMS: JvC Duke
LEGS: 25th Grey Snake Eyes
Vest: 25th Viper
Pistols: JvC Destro
Patches: Printed on Adhesieve Cloth

Carlos Oliveira was a member of the IDF before leaving & finding employment within Umbrella.
SInce joining umbrella,he has risen through the ranks from basic duties to their UBCS Special operations unit.

He has seen placements around the world & was last seen heading to Racoon City,to protect the HIVE & other regional Umbrella interests.
He currently operates in a 4 man team,as well as himself there`s also Nicholai Ginovaef,Mikhail Victor (both former Spetnaz Soldiers). Lastly there`s the new guy Bob Mitcham (former US SF). A Highly trained & Highly motivated unit.

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