Head: 25th Five Pak (Version 1)
Hair and Body: 25th Five Pak (Version 2)

Machine Gun: 25th Stalker
Briefcase: 25th Destro

This is now my definitive version of the Baroness. I've wanted the new 5 pack version for awhile, but didn't want to blow 25 bucks for just one good figure in a pack full of lame repaints.

Also I hate when I buy a figure/character, and then a year or two later they redo it with better sculping or more poseability and I have to buy it AGAIN.

My birthday came around and a friend had gotten me a 20 dollar gift certificate to Walmart. Now I could justify spending just 5 bucks to get the new Baroness, no problem.

OK, one small problem. Her head. The glasses looked a little better,but her face was really tiny, and not all that attractive. Worse, this was the last pack left and the paint job on her face was horrible.

Simple matter of boiling water, prying the hair off and trimming down the top of the version 1 head. Superglued the hair on, Done. Looks much better, more like the original.

I don't care if they release yet another mold a year or two from now. This is the one. I'm happy. I'm done. Thank you.

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