Helmet - Samurai Storm Shadow w/ RAH color change Bushido's ornamental horns.
Head - Grand Slam w/ a piece of Ripper's mohawk glued on, and a bit of the Cairo swordsman's waist sash for the ribbon.
Torso/Arms - Samurai Storm Shadow
Legs - Duke
Back Pack/Dragon Swords - Comic Pack Storm Shadow
Belt - General Hawk
Samurai Sword and Scabbard - Hard Master
Knee Pads - WWE Build and Brawl
Gun - Marauder Inc.

I knew as soon as I saw Samurai Storm Shadow that it would make a great base for Budo, one of my favorite RAH figures/characters. Everything came together really well. The hardest part was trimming down Ripper's mohawk and getting it to fit the way I wanted. I swapped out the figures original legs for Duke's because I wanted to keep the original's look, which was a great blend of modern infantryman and classic samurai.

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