All: Voltar v1

Code Name:
Destro's General

Voltar was an extremely successful mercenary commander. In fact, he was too successful for his continued presence to be tolerate by the provisional governments, revolutionary councils and military dictatorships that employed him. He could pluck victory from seemingly imminent defeat in complete defiance of the odds, always just one step ahead of disaster, never looking back. Winners never look back.

"He has that quality I admire most in a general. You know that Napoleonic anecdote? The Marshalls of France were extolling the tactical prowess of a certain young commander. The Little Corporal cut them off tersely, 'All very well and good, but tell me one thing; is he LUCKY?'" -Destro

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Like every other IG fan, I needed a Voltar who wasn't horridly pink. He's a straight repaint in a color scheme more fitting to the IGs.

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