Head: Snake-Eyes v1
Torso: Snake-Eyes v1
Arms: Darklon
Waist: Torpedo v1
Legs: Torpedo v1

Scuba Vest: Chief Torpedo (2003)
Mask: Wetsuit v7
Fins: Wetsuit v7

Code Name:
Undertow Commander

It is presumed MAKO is an old compatriot of Destro's. No one except Destro (and maybe the Baroness) knows anything about him. The first time the Undertows saw him, he'd swam up into the middle of a squad of them and cut their air hoses. He them proceeded to drag all eight men onto shore, and dressed them down while they were still gasping for breath, and five minutes later had them back in the water, teaching them some crazy form of underwater martial arts he'd developed.

"MAKO seems to have all the training of a US Navy Seal, and all the nastiness of his namesake. I hate that guy, and not just because he can swim faster than I can..." -Wet Suit

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