Comic pack Cobra Commander Torso and arms
Single CC lower legs
CG shoulder boards
Mara Jade gun
IJ Henry Sr. Head, modified

Saul Tigh, Commander of the EXCAL Armed Forces

"You know, the Commander is perhaps the most under-appreciated person here at EXCAL. A lot of people on the Special Ops side of things, especially the Knights, think of him as something of a joke. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Yeah, he's a hard ass, perhaps even a pain in the ass. But if you earn his trust, he'll also put his ass on the line for you, and I don't know of many folks in his position that you can say that about. I can't get into details, but as an example I have a mission I'm setting up based upon the news that Rock N Roll was found - you heard about that right? Well let's just say that I think I need some... unauthorized... support for my team. You might be surprised to find out who is willing to help with that kind of thing, knowing that some real good people might be saved as a result."
-Knighthawk, Paladin Knight Master

"He's a pr*ck, there's no two ways about it. It's one thing to try to help out on a mission - when asked. It's another thing to try to force his will on me to change my style. He has no authority over the Paladins, and without an army to actually command...who does he have authority over?"
-Steel Rain, Paladin Knight

"We selected Saul initially just to command Battle Station Gamma, EXCAL's primary base of operations. He has done a tremendous job with BSG, especially in developing the air defense system, most notably the fighter squadrons. We now have plans to have Tigh command the full extent of EXCAL's non-Paladin Armed Forces. Because of his hard work, we now have at least 2 fighter squadrons per Battle Station, and the pilots he's helped recruit into EXCAL are among the best in the free world. We also have been working on adding fighter capabilities to various of the Paladin airships, so that beyond mere defense, we now have the potential for air support on the spot, at the Knight's command. We have a growing security detail...infantry if you will... but we are handcuffed for legal and political reasons from utilizing this force for anything beyond defense and limited support. The Knights don't seem to appreciate this, and they can joke all they want about him commanding an empty army, but Saul Tigh has saved each of their butts more than once, when you factor in the air superiority, and his willingness to take the heat for less than legal security detail excursions."
-Oliver Queen, EXCAL Director - Paladin Knight Program

"Do I like him? No. Do I think he does his job well? Ever since he got back on the wagon, yes, exceptionally well. If that stays true it doesn't matter if I like him. I like flying my plane, and he lets me do that, and that's really all that counts."
-Lt. Kara Thrace, EXCAL Fighter Pilot, former CAG of BSG

"Two years. Two frakking years that SOB cost me. For what? Treason? Really? Look, I'm not going to get into this ok. I've already said too much. He personally selected me to serve as his XO, then he puts me in the brig at the drop of a hat - AND gives me this pretty little scar - simply because of a report filed by a Paladin Trainee - that he doesn't even like? Is it a coincidence we haven't heard from Dark Wing for more than a year? If it wasn't for good guys here like Sentinel, and Panther and even Knighthawk, I'd be long gone."
-"Kell", former EXCAL Officer; current contract special agent.

"I'll answer that off the record only. Off the record? The Commander and I go way back. He used to serve in the Navy with my father. In my own days in the service, we certainly had some run ins, that I will not get into, even off the record. But the Commander is a good man. He was a good choice for this whole EXCAL business. I have to tell you that I believe American forces are fully capable of handling this MEDUSA threat, all the more so now that the threat has become an open one. The U.S. Armed Forces are leading this fight, make no mistake. Nevertheless, these EXCAL Knights have had some noteworthy successes. And I do not question the integrity of the organization, nor do I question their allegiance to freedom and Justice. But I will not allow EXCAL its own standing army, to operate legally in the international theater of this war. I have signed the NATO/U.N./EXCAL treaty authorizing the deployment of the Paladin Knight teams freely throughout the world because I believe in the use of these brilliant warriors in these special operations. But if a threat requires significant force, then even EXCAL must go through me. I said before Tigh was a good choice for them. He's the only man, shy of my father, who I would so willingly allow access to America's finest. And he continues to prove his worth both as an EXCAL leader and as a "retired" U.S. Naval Officer, based upon his results in this war, with my soldiers, thus far."
-The President of the United States.

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