Head - VvV Duke
Torso/Arms - Spy Troop Flint
Waist/Legs - VvV Duke

Machine Gun - Spy Troop Flint
Pistol - Spy Troop Flint

In my Joe storyline the main G.I. Joe team was disbanded and G.I. Joe Extreme was activated. With SKAR defeated and Cobra returning the Extremists were retired in favor of the larger G.I. Joe team.

Now IRON KLAW has returned and is teaming up with Cobra, so General Hawk has re-activated the Extremists led by Lt. Stone. The new G.I. Joe Extreme is a small splinter group that operate seperate from the main team, but they do receive intel and equipment from the main team. Also operatives from the main team can be lent to the Extremists for certain missions.

I never had any of the Extreme figures. I got the VvV Duke and noticed he could be Stone so I decided I would make my own G.I. Joe Extreme Team.

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