HEAD: Golden Compass Daniel Craig
FIGURE: 25th Snake Eyes
Ski`s: 25th Snowjob

You know the name,You know the number.
My quick take on a cold weather dressed James Bond,on active service.
The man known as Bond was a Commander in the Royal Navy before applying to MI5.After training with MI5 & MI6 & also British SAS he was sent into the field.
From there he excelled very quickly in a variety of operations. His hard work paid off when he was assigned his "00" number,his license to Kill. So now tagged as James Bond & his 007 of HMSS.

Bond has travelled extensivley around the world,is fluent in many languages. Weapons trained in ALL NATO & foriegn nationalities.Highly Intelligent,a sexual predator & in Top physical shape. Loves fast cars,fast women & high tech toys.

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