HEAD: Custom sculpt using Comic Microman Superman head.
ARMS: Marvel Showdown Captain America
BOOTS: Marvel Showdown Captain America
BODY: Marvel Universe Captain America

Steve Rogers tried to join the US Army,was failed on every aspect due to his fail body. He was outraged & demanded to serve his Nation & was overheard by Army Top Brass.
They questioned him on his willingness to serve his Nation.
Once it was agreed Steve was taken to a secret location to begin in the SUPER SOLDIER PROJECT.
Once the serum was admistered to Steve a Major transformation happened. His frail body was now that of the Peek of Human Perfection. After trails & tests,he was faster,healthier,stronger than any normal human.Agility was not affected by the increase body mass.
After intense training he was shipped to Europe to fight the Nazis.
Successfully leading Military & Allied Super Beings in the fight against the Axis forces.
On an attempt to Nuke the US,to which they prevented,though took the lives (presumably) of both Captain America & Bucky (his sidekick).
Decades later Captain America was found embedded in ice by the Avengers. Once he was defrosted he was found to still be alive. Captain America was initiated into the Avengers & handed the leadership of the team. Since that day he has fought his old nemisis (The Red Skull) on many occassions as well as many others.
Captain America`s personal beliefs help lead to a Civil War of costumed heroes (due to a Goverment request for ALL super beings to hand in their personal identities). Fighting to protect the rights of others even though the world knew Steve Rogers was Captain America,showed the man of Liberty was still a bastion of the ways America has forgotten (personal rights and freedom).
He was assassignated as he surrended to US Goverment agents & was led to court.

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