Head: Lanard Corps figure
Torso: Bazooka
Arms: Balrog
Waist, Legs: VvV Shipwreck, if i'm right

Ah, Big Lob... probably the most loved G.I.Joe character that never
got his own figure.

Ever since I started customizing years ago, I always wanted to make
my own Big Lob figure, but the prototype customs never did meet up to

That is until I got a waist and leg part (that turned out to be from
a VvV figure). I noticed that the legs were a little longer than the
ARAH figure legs, so I went from there.

As you can see in the supplementary photo, my custom Big Lob stands
above the other joes, around a head higher, and it seems perfect a
figure for the character.

I already liked the colors on him, so I didn't bother repainting him.

The filecard is based from Gunslinger's custom Big Lob (sorry I
couldnt post the url link), more or less, coz I liked the concept in

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