Body: Duke
Head: Frontal Assault Duke/Desert Wolf
Gear: Dessert Wolf pants, Shipwreck machete, Long Range pistol, sculpted hat, hand-sewn bag and holster/belt, shoelace whip

This Indiana Jones was a commission. Most of the modifications to the figure and head are patterned after my first version. I paid even more attention to the joints than usual because the commissioner wanted maximum pose-ability without paint rub so he could photograph the figure in a variety of poses. I hand mixed the skin tone to match the existing skin on the figure to minimize rubbing even more. Every time I adjusted the color I took pictures in a variety of conditions to make sure it would match the factory skin exactly. A nice difference between this figure and V1 is the absence of the the arm gauntlet. The commissioner gave me the genius suggestion of turning a right forearm upside down and using as the left. I also wanted to make improvements to the gear, so I experimented with making my own bag and belt/holster. The hat is made of green stuff so it would be more durable and it's design is also more accurate. I strung a wire through the whip so it could also be posed.

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