All VvV Cobra Vipers

The Legions of Serpentor's organization, The Coil, consists firsthand of defectors from Cobra. Maintaining discipline that the former Vipers are already familiar with, and avoiding throwing out benefits before the troopers actually has earned them, every ex-Viper is given the same position and rank they had when they left Cobra Commander and swore allegiance to Serpentor. As compensation, the legions of The Coil get much better equipment than they had with Cobra, and to distinguish them from their former employment, each trooper is labeled as Serpents instead of Vipers.

The Coil Serpent troopers are just like before when they worked for Cobra, the grunts and backbone of Coil legions. If you want to start somewhere within the Coil, you have to start as a Serpent and work your way up the ladder from there. But no Coil Serpent feels disappointment of being the lowest grunt yet again, because they are convinced that working for Serpentor will give them better benefits than they would ever get working for Cobra Commander, and therefore they are most willing to stand first in line to do battle either if it is against G.I.Joe or Cobra. Cobra Serpents live dangerously though when they go up against their former companions. Each trooper is labeled as a traitor by Cobra, and killing them will enable Cobra troopers to climb in ranks just like they would do if they'd battled G.I.Joe. Therefore no Cobra trooper will hesitate in the least to kill a former comrade in arms - but then again, neither will a member of The Coil.

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