1st figure:

Head to Crotch: VvV Dr. Mindbender
Legs: Overlord

2nd figure:

Head: JvC Dr. Mindbender
Rest: Original Dr. Mindbender

Dr. Mindbender is one of the masterminds behind the creation of The Coil. He always felt a special connection to his creation Serpentor and knew that he had more to gain to work side by side with him rather than with Cobra Commander. Because of this treasonous act, Dr. Mindbender is on the very top of Cobras most wanted list of traitors, and being as cowardice as he is, Dr. Mindbender will never go near a known Cobra facility without at least three squadrons of Coil Troopers along to protect him.

Personal Comments:

Not much to say about this figure, it is quite an easy custom. All I tried to achieve was to copy his appearance from the comics with his purple robe. The reason as to why I used legs from the original Overlord is because I always imagined Mindbender to be quite short.

The second figure is actually more interesting to watch as I attempted to update the original version with a better head. The skin did not match in the least, so I had to paint both torso and head, but the result turned out great. I find it better to post that figure together with this profile instead of making another entry with the same character - that's a waste of resources.

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