Rise of Cobra SnowJob figure as base.
Fore-arms: 25th Firefly.
Head: 25th Para-Viper.
Hands: RoC SnowJob.

Rifle: Resolute Duke with camo material & paint.
Chest Rig,Butt bag,Holster are BBI.
Dump Bag is Intoyz SWAT.
Goggles: Snowjob.
Hood is custom made from cloth & the fur trim from Snowjobs hood added. Light grey camo applied to outer part of hood.

SnowMobile: 1/18 Polaris Skidoo.

People talk of SnowJob as the main man for getting things done in Cold Weather environments. This is very true though IF you want something taken care of & no traces back to GI Joe or the US Government,then Arctic Wolf is the man you need. Expert in all forms of Cold Weather combat & environments. Master in ALL forms of weaponry. Can drive pretty much anything with wheels or tracks.

Arctic Wolf leads a team of warriors called "The Wolf Pack" or just "The Pack". They operate outside normal US Government guidelines. They are 100% deniable in any circumstances & they are fully aware of this. Due to the nature of operations "The Pack" undertake,they have equipment that doesn't link them back to the US. They are allowed 100% free reign on equipment & weapons and are known to have had covert weapons dealings with MARS & even freelance Sebastian Bludd.

Duke & Hawk declined being interviewed concerning "The Pack". However Sgt Slaughter has said "My Marauders are the bad apples of the Joes whipped into effective fighting force. The Wolf Pack however, and more so Arctic Wolf, hell that man has ice for blood. Whatever he's done, it hasn't affected his game plan at all. Cold & meticulous through and through."

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