A 25th Firefly was the base figure. Arms were switched for Ash Army of Darkness ones. The torso was resculpted to look like a jacket over the ribbed top.
The holster & explosives were removed & straps repainted.As to were the explosives.
A Cloth Cobra patch was printed out on adhesive cloth.
Hands are BBI. Holster is cloth.
The figures height also has been dropped to bring him into (my) scaled world, rather than the original lanky version.

The backpack is an ARAH one with BBI webbing straps. Also it's Not upside down as some have said. I went with a "canon" version that he wore on the front cover of a Battle Action Force cover & also within the story arc

The vest is JvC GI JOE.

The weapon is a BBI G36.

Dive gear is BBI with a custom underwater sledge I made.

HALO gear is the Para Vipers,repainted & the lower front pouches removed.

Firefly is unknown to all. However Cobra Commander knows Firefly's loyalty is to the man paying for the job and thus as long as the dollars are there, so is Firefly's loyalty.

Firefly appears to have been trained by the best in the world at intelligence gathering, espionage, sabotage, armed and unarmed combat, evasion and infiltration. Firefly has a passion for explosives too. He is well educated in the art of explosive construction to preparing what is needed to take down the target, as well as "surprise packages" in the event of pursuit.

He appears to leave no tell tale personal signature with his explosives, which has led to some within GI JOE believing that there is in fact Multi Operational Firefly's. However no proof has been found to confirm this theory at this time.

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