Guile head and arms
Corps legs, waist, and torso

Codename: OUTLAW
Unconventional Assault Specialist
Filename: Spivy, Montie Ray III
SN: 034-53-2936
Primary Military Specialty: Survival Training Instructor
Secondary Military Specialty: Legal Services
Birthplace: Ashland, Kentucky
Grade: E-5

Outlaw's mother was a rather prominent lawyer and his father came from a long line of farmers. he was raised a hard worker with a strong sense of justice, but had little patience for doing things by the book if he could figure out a quicker and more efficient way. Joining the military right out of highschool, Outlaw became a highly efficient soldier with little patience for regulations getting in the way of doing his job.
"No Matter what the objective, no matter what the obstacle, you can always count on Outlaw to accomplish the mission. You just don't always want to know how he accomplished it."


For this character, I was trying to create a look for one of the Joes in the FIND YOUR FATE series. he appeared in Operation: Death Stone.

I thought the Guile head gave him the look of somebody that was military, but not all the way regulation, same for the torso, and using a Corps parts gave him a nice barrel chested look. Top it off with a pair of Jeans with some knives and spikes trapped to it and I think the look worked wonders.

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