Hat VvsV Gung Ho
Head: 25th Beachhead
Vest: Cobra Viper from FANG pack
Rest of figure: Resolute Firefly

Pretty simple custom. I saw someone else make a custom very similar to this one and wanted to give it a shot. Why? Because the 25th Comic pack Shockwave(blast) had his pants way down his boots. I hate that. I painted the Gung Ho hat slightly off on purpose to give the figure a less flat appearance. I painted the padded areas on the Viper Vest to add some more flair. The area right around the eyes got a brighten as the final touch. I didn't add any yellow because I don't really think the figure needs it. The simpler designs are usually better looking to me. The figure is already blue and that makes him stand out from the other figures I have anyway.

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