Head: Spy Troops Depth Charge with sculpted hair/cap
Body: Star Wars Legacy Han Solo
Pistol: Marauder SOCOM
Anti-Mysteron Taser: Comic Pack Mara Jade

25 years ago, I did my very first custom that used sculpting. The Gerry Anderson series Captain Scarlet was back on television and I was frustrated by the lack of merchandise available, so i took things into my own hands and made a set of figures of the main cast using the old Kenner Han Solo Carbonite figure.

25 years later, I decided to make my own Anniversary Set, but this time go the whole hog and also make the figures I did not have the skill to do or the figures to use as a base. Ironically, I settled on a very similar, but better articulated, Han Solo figure as the base.

I used a Depth Charge head for quite a few of the figures in the set. I have always found the figure very versatile, and I find the head to be just as useful, with a different hairstyle, colouring and eye colour.

I went with different weapons from the television series. It was made back in the 1960s and I wanted a more up to date look to them; using teh Marauder SOCOM with the silencer removed as the standard sidearm, colour coded to each officer, and the Mara Jade pistol looks enough like a futuristic taser pistol for my needs.

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