Head: Freefall
Body: Leatherneck v4
M-60E3: Marauder's
Mini-Gun: Marauder's
MK-19: Elite Force
Helmet and backpack: Leatherneck v4

Code name: Belt Fed

File Name: McBrain, Nicko E.
Primary MOS: Machine Gunner [0351]
Secondary MOS: M1A1 Tank Crewman [1812]
Place of Birth: Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada
Grade: E-4 (Corporal)
____________________________________________________________ _________________________
Born in the same Canadian city that produces two of the biggest names in cymbals, Belt Fed grew up around drums and heavy metal music. As a teen, his family moved to the U.S. and he enveloped himself in the Metal music scene, working as a freelance drummer for several bands. He has an almost unnatural sense of timing and rhythm and constantly plays out beats while drumming his fingers on the table or shooting crew served weapons. He joined the Marines as a tank crew man, as he thought this was the ultimate in Heavy Metal, but found the ten rounds per minute cyclic rate was too slow for his needs, so he lat-moved to the infantry and became a machine gunner, preferring the 200 rounds per minute of his M-60E3, 365 rounds from his Mk-19 40mm grenade launcher or better yet, the 2000+ rounds per minute of his mini-gun.
____________________________________________________________ ____________________________
"Belt Fed is a musician above all else. He even has a drum kit set up in his room and got permission to sound proof his walls so as to not disturb his fellow Joes. He often competes with himself to see what he can do faster: fire more rounds, or hit his double base drums or snare more times per minute."
____________________________________________________________ __________
This a basic case of just throwing parts together and coming up with something. I used Leatherneck's head for another custom, but liked this body and didn't want to just throw it in to the fodder bin, so I put an extra head I had on the body and put the mini-gun in his hand and there he was.

The MK-19 is only accurately scaled MK-19 I've been able to find, the Power Team Elite is about twice as big as it needs to me and the one included with the Jungle/Desert Strike HMMWVs is half the size it needs to be.

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